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Park Place Gallery is pleased to present TEXT, a group exhibition curated by Michael Holden. This show explores artists who challenge the context, symbolism and communication of texts through their work.

 A text is any object that can be “read.” Texts’ compositional and symbolic arrangements affect the context of their reading and meaning. Artists use the familiar to create the new. 

 Yuri Lotman states, “(In) defining art as the system of systems…any artistic text is a secondary modeling system which is based on the primary model of language. However, artistic texts, compared to natural language, convey more complex information in a smaller amount of space, and consequently have a more complex structure. In this way it is revealed that in any artistic text, all forms givethe potentiality of being semanticized, i.e. coming up to a higher level of significance. Accordingly, in artistic texts more than one system is active at a time; as a result, the tension and confrontation between these systems leads to the reinforcement and intensification of the text’s significance.”1

The TEXT exhibition is comprised of art that employsa variety of approaches and interpretations implementing ideas of text. This group of artists have found their unique voices through their personal explorations of text. This exhibition will give the viewer a new and expansive view on the reading of texts.


1. Masoud Algooneh Juneghani, “A research on the structure of the artistic text from Yuri Lotman’s perspective,” Abstract, Literary Criticism Journal, (Tehran, Iran: Tarbiat Modares University, Vol. 8, Issue 31, 2015), pp. 15-39.