list of artworks


The Landscape Show is the second of a series of three exhibitions curated by Michael Holden and Peter Schenck. These three shows explore traditional subjects: human form; landscape; and still life. They provide access to some of the premier emerging and established artists.

We are human and reflect ourselves through the Human Form. The Landscape Show refers to our sense of place as well as its substance and spacial properties. The Still life Show will examine our relationship to the other. These three exhibitions bring many contemporary aesthetic examples together to examine a greater view of how we are interpreting these three traditional subjects.

The Landscape Show includes works by: Rachelle Agundes, Tess Bilhartz, Ryan DaWalt, Grady Gerbracht, Dan Gratz, Michael Holden, Zachary Keeting, Chung Park, and Chris Schade. This group of accomplished artists explore the landscape in unique ways, finding personal expression through their decisions in the making of their work. The artist will always explore our world in amazement to grasp our sense of place: its meaning in our time and eternal time. Their worlds can now be our worlds.