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Curated by Michael Holden and Peter Schenck

Opening Reception, Friday December 15th (7-10pm)
Gallery Days: Saturday & Sunday December 16th – 17th (11am-6pm)

Artists: Caleb Brown, Amanda Church, Jennifer Coates, Shoshana Dentz, Jeff Fichera, Daniel Gerwin, Douglas Goldberg, Everest Hall, Sue Havens, Michael Holden, Amy Mahnick, Patrick Neal, Scott Robinson, Zoe Pettijohn Schade, Peter Schenck, Emilie Selden, Clintel Steed, Bryce Vinokurov, and Crys Yin

We are living in an age of endless sources of entertainment and gratification, or so it would seem. After all this searching and looking at thousands of images, primarily on our tiny screens, are we any closer to satiating our wants and desires? There are times, when slowing down our brains and eyes to the simple relationships of still objects is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

This return to the tradition of simply looking at objects and discovering their internal connections is a welcome respite from an image saturated and disconnected world. The Still Life Show at Park Place Gallery, focuses on the weird, funny, intoxicating, ominous, intimate, mysterious, and extraordinary aspects of the still life genre. A subject matter that for centuries played a back seat role to it’s flashier art historical siblings: historical and figurative painting.  

This exhibition is the third installment, by curators: Michael Holden and Peter Schenck, which serves as an end cap on our three exhibitions focusing on some of the biggest art historical genres in Western art: figurative, landscape, and still life painting. We aim to shed a fresh spotlight on what can be a still life in our present age and to cast off preconceived notions in order to elevate these objects into a new realm of understanding.  

Peter Schenck, 2017